About Me

I currently live in Southern Michigan with my beautiful wife Erin. We are kept busy by our wonderful children Conner Addison, Ella, and Keegan Clark.

My wife and I are very active and have always been heavily involved in athletics. We met while training for our respective collegiate sports (basketball and volleyball) at Hillsdale College. After we got married in July of 2006 Erin moved down to Virginia while I worked my way through my graduate program. I officially received my Ph.D. in economics from George Mason University at the start of the 2011 year.  After 7 years away, in the fall of 2011 I returned to Hillsdale College as a professor in economics.

During my graduate studies my wife and I coached varsity volleyball together and I was employed for three years as a visiting professor at the University of Baltimore. There I taught economics and statistics in the MBA program and to undergraduates. My consistently high student evaluations led to a University of Baltimore School of Business top teacher award in 2009.

While at Hillsdale I have twice been nominated for professor of the year and have been invited to speak at various events for the Charles Koch Institute, the Foundation for Economic Education, the Institute for Humane Studies, and the Center for Teaching Excellence.  As a result of my presentation experience I have also consulted with groups on the basics and beyond in professional & academic presentations.  I love to teach, and I love to help others unlock their potential to teach as well.

While my passion lies in the classroom my academic pursuits have also bared some fruit.  My research focuses on public choice, political economy, and the ideas of Adam Smith and F.A. Hayek.  I have also engaged the public with basic economic ideas by writing for outlets like the Detroit News and frequently appear on various Michigan talk radio outlets.